About NCHU Department of Chemistry

  Being a scenic city with a nice climate, Taichung is regarded as one of the finest places to live in Taiwan. It is called the Cultural Town because there are so many institutions of higher education in the area.

  National Chung Hsing University located in the southern part of Taichung is the only national university in the central part of Taiwan. Since its establishment in 1919, the University has been the leading institution in Central Taiwan for its academic excellence. Even though it is sitting inside the city, the University has a large and beautiful campus (more then 53,000 m2) which encompasses teaching and research facilities, sporting areas, restaurants, and leisure places.

  The Chemistry department was founded in 1956. Its main task in the beginning was to teach chemistry related courses for the undergraduates in other departments. Being poorly-equipped, the department had not done much research until it was expanded to include a graduate school in 1987. With strong support from the National Science Council (NSC) and the university authority, research work in the Chemistry department started picking up. The Chemistry department has evolved to have the best environment for chemical research in central Taiwan. For example, housing many precious instruments (e.g., super-conductivity FT-NMR, GC-MS-MS, X-ray diffractometer and elemental analyzer) from the NSC- funded Regional Instrument Center, the Chemistry department has easy access to the hardware necessary for research projects. Also the presence of NSC-supported Central Taiwan Chemical Library Information Service Center which is situated in the library of the Chemistry department enables the department to subscribe to hundreds of chemical journals. Moreover, the department now occupies an eight-story building, meeting its growing need for research space. All this coupled with the on-line literature search capability shows that the facilities of the Chemistry department are just as good as those of other internationally renowned research institutes. Due to its academic performance, the department was approved in 1996 to have a Ph.D. program in the graduate school. Currently, its graduate-to-undergraduate ratio is approximately 1:1, indicating that the Chemistry department emphasizes research and teaching equally.

  Currently the department has 18 professors, 4 associate professors, 3 assistant professors, 5 instructors, and 6 teaching assistants. Among them are 24 Ph.D.s who, with their strong expertise, are highly energetic and enthusiastic about research. The department annually has about 40 research projects ranging from fundamental studies to environmental protection work and industrial applications. Its total annual funding is over NT$40 million.

  The department traditionally has strong research strength in physical chemistry, particularly in the field of theoretical and computational quantum chemistry. In recent years it has strengthened its research capabilities in organic, inorganic, analytical, and bio- chemistry. The progress can be evidenced by the fact that the department has been recognized to be a key lab for chiral drug research and has been chosen by the bureau of industry as the leading institute for helping pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries develop their businesses. This recognition can be attributed to the concerted efforts and achievements on asymmetric synthesis by its five faculty members, which account for 50% of the experts in this field in Taiwan. In addition, the analytical division has also made some technical breakthroughs in the area of environmental protection.

  The department constantly strives to move forward. It evaluates teachers’ performance by their published research work and students’ feedback. It has students change their teachers’ attitude and teaching skill by allowing them to choose classes freely. To promote greater integration between academic work and industrial application for the benefit of society, the Chung Hsing Chemical Science and Technology Foundation was established through several generous donations. Its mission is to advance knowledge in the Chemistry department, to offer technical assistance, and to expedite the transfer of chemical technology to industry.

  As we look back, the Chemistry department at Chung Hsing University now is hardly the same as it was 47 years ago. The department has transformed itself into a nationally acclaimed institute for teaching and research in chemistry. With a team of devoted and enthusiastic staff combined with excellent equipment and a modern library service, it is the hotbed for new knowledge in theoretical and applied chemistry and is a fertile nursery for future chemists. The chemistry undergraduates here have the opportunity to receive solid training in both theory and application. On top of that, they have no trouble finding jobs after graduation due to the department’s excellent partnerships with outside business organizations.

  In order to recruit top-quality high school graduates to join the Chemistry department, the Chung Hsing Chemical Science and Technology Foundation has set up a scholarship fund through the generous donations of parents of the alumni. If a student chooses this Chemistry department as his first choice instead of the top three chemistry departments in Taiwan to which he has been admitted, a 4-year tuition-free scholarship will be granted. The department asks all qualified students who aspire to be a chemist to join them for the advancement of chemistry.

  For the benefit of our next generation and for the promotion and development of new chemical technologies, the Chemistry department needs your support and encouragement. It urges you to inform your children of its progress and achievements, as well as to help them select the best school for their college education. 

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